" Your beliefs become your thoughts,
                                            your thoughts become your words,
                                                Your words become your actions,
                                                Your actions become your habits,
                                                Your habits become your values,
                                                Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

      Sahodar |सहोदर|: Sibling, brother.


      Welcome to Sahodar!!



            EVERY SUNDAY

            For DELHI NCR

            AT:- 9:00 TO 11:00 AM

            ADDRESS :-

            Gate No.2 District Park,

            Sector-14, Rohini New Delhi.


            "Rohini East" Metro station.

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The word Sahodar has embedded with its meaning a relationship, that of a sibling and there lies the beauty of the word which has been chosen to define the mission we undertook.

Sahodar is a trust, a nongovernmental organization which was incepted as an online space in July 2012.

It was started as a mission to be a relieving platform for people who were facing disputes arising out of martial ties.With the passage of time Sahodar acquired a place in the heart of hearts of people who got in touch and derived benefits from discussions and expert guidance on legal matters relating to marriage.

Marriage as understood in the classical Indian sense was essentially an eternal union of two people who took oaths to stand by for each other at time of happiness and pain but unfortunately the purity and meaning of marriage got contaminated with greed, impatience, insecurity and other human characteristics which are known well to ruin lives.

And eventually the sacredness of marriage got transformed into divorces, marital crimes, child custody and the like.

A relation which was considered to be sacred and eternal started losing its significance and now stands as a cause for thousands of broken lives.

Children have been inevitably swept in this adult rage and it is quite common that children, at a toddling age turn into subjects in a marital disputes.

Sahodar has committed itself as an active and interactive platform which is backed by some experienced names in the fraternity  who have committed themselves to be there, for people who need support at hard times.